Safety Guidelines and Permit Information for Fire Performance in California


Fire Performance (also known as Fire Dancing) Can be Defined as:

An individual (or group of) performance artist(s) who utilize a form of object manipulation involving props such as poi, batons, staves, hoops, fans, etc., which are lit on fire and exhibited as a form of self expression – typically through the mediums of dance, theatrics, or martial arts.

What We Do

The United Fire Artists (UFA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated towards the promotion of the Fire Performance Arts with a primary focus on providing Fire Safety Education and Training.


  • To act as a liason between State and Local Fire Marshalls and members of the fire performance community.
  • To provide up to date information to our members through Newsletters, Forms, and FAQ’s.
  • To educate new performers in fire safety procedures
  • To promote a set of best practices that minimize harm or injury.
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